Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

Volume (i) Number (i) 2008 



Recent Laboratory Techniques for Diagnosis of Bacterial Meningitis. – 1-10
Manoj K. Patel, Suman and Ashok Kumar

Role of Tumor Markers in Cancer – 11-18
Govind Pandey and Madhuri S.

Research Papers 

Studies on Identification and Population Dynamics of Anopheline Mosquitoes – 19-24
from Jeddah Province of Saudi Arabia.
Khalid Al-Ghamdi , Masroor Alikhan , Jazem Mahyoub and Z.I. Afifi

Factors Affecting Nest Success and Hatching Success of Mallard – 25-27
(Anas platyrhynchos) in Hokersar Wetland of Kashmir.
G. Mustafa Shah, Ulfat Jan and Fayaz Ahmad Ahanger

Biochemical Investigations of Osteo-Hepatic Syndrome in Fluorotoxicity. – 28-37
Shashi A., Kaur K. and Bhardwaj M.

Effect of Achyranthes aspera Leaf Extracts on the Wound Healing Activity of Albino Rats – 38-41
V.Srividhya, A.Mazumder, L.K.Ghosh, K.Nagarajan

Fluoride Induced Depletion of Mucosubstances in Rat Brain Cortical Slices. – 42-46
Shashi A, Neetika S. AND Bhardwaj M.

Incidence of Brucellosis in rural areas of Qasseem region of Saudi Arabia: Case Reports. – 47-53
Farah Sultan.

Inhibitory Effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra Extract on Deoxyribose Degradation . – 54-58
Kavita Shakya, Renu Mishra & Smitha Sam

Certain Biochemical Studies on the Leaves of Medicinal Plant, Eclipta alba. – 59-63
Hemant Pandey, Ayesha S Ali Mohd. Sajid and Sharique A. Ali

Pharmacological Effects of Lead Nitrate, Adrenaline and Potassium on Isolated – 64-69
Fish Melanophores.
Sharique A. Ali , S. Malik, Keisham V. Meitei ,Tahira Sultan, Mohd. Sajid and Mohd. Ovais

Formaldehyde, methanol biodegradation from the mixture in anaerobic digester. – 70-77
S.Sandhya and K.Swaminathan

Brief Communications 

Immediate and Delayed Hypersensitivity Response in Mice Infected and Vaccinated – 78-81
with Trichuris muris Antigen.
S. Gaherwal, R.R. Kanhere and M.M. Prakash.

Some Commonly Occurring Weeds of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) With Medicinal Importance. – 82-84
Hitendra K. Ram, Abhay K. Patil, Deepesh Awasthi

Isolation of pathogenic Corynebacterium renale from the uterus of a bitch. – 85
Priya, P.M , Mini, M and Ajithkumar, S

Efforts of MP Biotechnology Council in Development of Biotechnology in the State of – 86
Madhya Pradesh .
S. K Panwar