Details of Projects Undertaken

Name of the funding agency
Name of the Scheme
Programme Title
Year of Funding
Amount Sanctioned
Status: Ongoing/ Completed
MAPCOST Bhopal Research project Effect of histamine releasers on amphibian skin pigmentation and its blockade by drugs with reference to leukoderma 1985 3 years Rs. 18,00,000/- Completed
US Department of Agriculture Research project Management of productivity and production of fish in sewage pond effluents from urban areas 1985 5 years Rs. 18,00,000/- Completed
MPCOST, Bhopal Research project Pharmacological and Toxicological studies of amphibian and reptilian melanocytes with reference to pigmentary disorders 1995 3 years Rs. 1,08,000/- Completed
UGC, New Delhi Research project Effects of UV light and background adaptations on amphibian melanophores 1996 3 years Rs. 1,45,000/- Completed
MPCOST, Bhopal Research project Screening of novel Antivitiligo agents from plant extracts using animal melanocytes. 2008 3 years Rs.3,50,000/- Completed
MP Biotechnology Council, Bhopal Research project Molecular studies on Mechanism of Melanolysis using Cell Lines 2010-2013 3 years Rs 5,20, 000/- Completed
MPCOST, Bhopal Research project Ultrastructural studies of amphibian and mammalian melanocytes in culture during the process of induced melanogenesis by certain plant active ingredients 2012-2015 2 years Rs. 4,98,000/- Completed