Heartiest greetings to you all! 

It is indeed a great privilege and honor to don the mantle of Editor of Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications , a maiden academic venture of Society for Science & Nature ,which will try to make an impact on advancement of science and technology, particularly in basic and applied areas of life sciences.With India’s strong research bull on a move , though with a lot of goading , good journals have a vital role to play for taking science ahead. Young researchers particularly students of colleges, universities and R&D institutions have a long way to go to really compensate for the country’s paradox of huge scientific manpower sans quality.

Over the last 25 years great accomplishments have floored us , both economically and scientifically, areas of applied sciences have leapt and unleashed their power which has to be maximally tapped and used judiciously. But the warnings and premonitions of our scientific advisers who have toiled hard as research students must be making them uneasy as the current trend of shortcuts to fame and name is jeopardizing the progress of science and mankind.

The present decline of interest in basic sciences for the shining lures is worrying , if the new generation is not encouraged and moulded in the old cast of sincerity, honesty and commitment which are the hallmarks of basic research, the future of science will be bleak. Is our science education at the foundation levels worthy of facing the challenges of future? Are our universities colleges and research institutions on the right track? Are we encouraging our teachers and the taught? Are our scientific policies of fund managing accountable and productive? Are we satisfied ethically and morally? The questions are unending but we hope there will be the right answers at the right time and Indian science will be forerunner, as it has been .

A huge nation with an awakened democracy will not remain a mute spectator and the youth will take it to heights. The young BBRC team will try to do its job well of course with the help and cooperation of the scientific fraternity and create its own niche .

The first issue though in haste must be subjected to healthy criticism to make it better. A couple of special pages for scientific correspondence and a section for young budding researchers will certainly become a lively part of this new journal to encourage them.

Thanks once again in anticipation of your magnanimous academic cooperation.

Amicably yours

Dr. Sharique Ali